Events and meetings

We need a bit more room for details of our meetings than we have in the margins, so here goes.


The meetings are fun (and useful – great for improving technique or just finding out how things are done, or for picking other people’s brains and solving problems). They are generally open to non-members, with the exception of the very occasional workshop or meeting where numbers have to be limited – but of course we welcome new members ordinarily.

If you are wondering whether to join us, do come and have a try: the first meeting is free and the charge thereafter is very low. Membership is a very reasonable £15. Meetings are in the Neuadd Goffa, Penygroes Memorial Hall unless otherwise indicated; they start at 10.00 a.m. and generally finish around 3.00 p.m.


(People often bring wheels and / or knitting whatever the subject of the day, by the way.)

15 February: Lichen Dyeing
An illustrated talk by Cathy O’Brien starting at 1pm
As the talk doesn’t doesn’t start till after lunch bring something to do in the morning.

15 March: Spinning and weaving

19 April: Mapuche Weaving
Weaving workshop with Liz Beasley of Ananuca
(Further information to follow, you can find more info on her website.)

28 and 29 April: Wonderwool Wales, Royal Welsh Showground, Builth Wells
There is a coach trip being organised from the area. Please contact us for details.

17 May: Small looms demo

Further information to follow

21 June: Spinning and weaving
The ‘Show and Tell’ is on equipment this year. Please bring along pieces that you think are fabulous.

12 July: Dyeing picnic
This is such a lovely day, whatever the weather. And the results are fab.

dye results

The day is full of wool and colour and good company. Plus there’s the ‘bring a dish’ lunch, too. So don’t forget to bring a plate of food – savoury or sweet – plus about eight or ten small skeins for dyeing. Make sure your skeins are clearly marked so you can distinguish them from everyone else’s in the dye pot (buttons on a thread are good, and people have used discarded sheep ear tags or bright, non-dyeable thread), and extra dye pots are always welcome. We’ve had boiling hot weather, we’ve had wet weather, we’ve had cold weather, we’ve had windy weather but we dye on regardless. Be prepared for anything.

Please note that due to limitations of space, this workshop is only open to people who are already members of the Guild.

16 August: Spinning and weaving

20 September: Nuno felting workshop
Watch this space to see what you need to bring.

Please note that due to limitations of space, as with the Dyeing Picnic, this workshop is only open to people who are already members of the Guild.

18 October: Spinning and weaving

15 November: AGM, spinning and weaving, and the Christmas lunch…
Bring your ideas for 2019, too.

and, into 2019:

17 January: Spinning and weaving, plus subs


17 thoughts on “Events and meetings

  1. Nicole Le Maire

    I was fortunate to visit and join in when you felted the booties in May. Unfortunately I couldn’t make it in June. I’d like to join your guild (if this is possible, I haven’t spun yet, am a modest pegloom weaver and have been very keen dying fabrics in the past 😉
    May I join in time to join you on this amazing looking picnic, or would you rather I practice patience a bit longer? Looking forward to hearing fom you.
    Best wishes, Nicole (green booties)

    1. llynguild Post author

      WE’d love to have you join! I’ll give you a call on the phone number you gave (which I’ve edited out of the comment – you never know…)

    1. llynguild Post author

      We’d love to have you join! It’s simple – just come along to our next meeting (which is the AGM, but that doesn’t matter) and sign up. I’ll email you with full details, and a contact number for our secretary.

  2. Helen Roberts

    Hi there, I’d very much like to try weaving and if it’s OK I’d like to come along to Penygroes on January 23rd. I hope this will be OK.

    1. llynguild Post author

      Hi Helen, of course you’re welcome. Do you have a loom and some bits and pieces to use? I’m not sure if anyone will bring one along on the day, but I can warn…

      1. Helen Roberts

        I’m a total novice, I don’t have any weaving equipment at all yet but I do have a large bag of undyed Lleyn yarn from my family flock; I think I know which loom I need but expert advice will be very welcome. See you on the 23rd.

  3. Cerys Hawkins

    Hi it’s Cerys from Gwynedd Guild,just wanted to confirm that i would still like to join the felting workshop next week, hope you still have room ! I’ve had a look at what we need to bring. Looking forward to it !

  4. sarah

    Hello! I am a menswear designer originally from North Wales, just about to graduate from my Masters in London, for my next Collection I plan to feature lots of Welsh sourced craft and craftsmanship to highlight the rich heritage and traditions of crafts such as woollen, weaving and tapestry in Wales and introduce it all to a contemporary market. I am looking for a contact email for someone I could speak to further regarding my project as I would love to tell you more about it and perhaps find a way we could work together!

    Let me know who is best to contact, I look forward to hearing from you! thank you, Sarah

    1. llynguild Post author

      Hi Amanda, the next full meeting is a workshop – if you check out the events page you’ll see some information about it, dates and all. But we do have a small Sunday Spinners group too, and their next get-together is on the 12th – the Sunday after next, at Penygroes Memorial Hall. That would be a great opportunity to come along and meet some of us before we get deeply involved in bead making at the workshop…

      1. Amanda Davies

        Thats great thanks. What time is it on the 12th, and I am really interested in the bead workshop on the 30th, if there are places still available.

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