2018 and all that

A Happy New Year,  Blwyddyn Newydd Dda i bawb!

What a busy year, so just a quick pan through some of the sessions we’ve had.

In February that lovely session with Cathy on lichen dyeing.


April gave us Liz with Mapuche weaving. A busy workshop.


Then in May, we had an in-house session with small loom demos.


June brought us  a ‘show and tell’ of equipment, from antique objects to handmade, and such a variety!


July…… a day we all look forward to….the Dyeing Picnic!


In July, we also did a ‘spin in public’ at lovely Caernarfon Castle where we made quite an impact!


A full house for the nuno felting workshop in September


Which brought us to the agm in November. Secret Santa raffle. (Thanks, loved the Ferrero Rocher, my absolute fave !)


We had a good discussion about next year’s calendar of events, workshops etc. Looks very promising.

There were quite a few entries for the Rita Walker trophy, using our fibre swap


And the winners were……..!

…..who will share the trophy for six months each.


After lunch, had a look at some of the items brought in by members. Once again, impressive skills demonstrated by members




Also in November, the Llyn Guild were invited to be involved with the Afon Eden Project which  the Snowdonia National Park Authority is committed to developing. It wants to involve people in the community in conserving the environment, and the important species in the local environment of Trawsfynydd.

Lilian , Sue and Bethan took up the offer to work in Ysgol Bro Wedd Wyn, Trawsfynydd, with a group of 7 & 8 year olds, introducing them to a variety of fibre-based skills – dyeing with natural plants, carding on hand and drum, spinning on spindle and wheel, needle-felting and weaving on card, weaving sticks, knitting dollies and bobbins. We hope to be going back in the new year to complete the work started and see how the children have got on with the equipment we left behind. Had a great time there and look forward to returning.

(Permission has been given by the parents, school and Park Authority to publish these photos on the Llyn Guild blog)



New calendar of events will be posted later in January once they have been confirmed at January 17 meeting

Thanks to all those who have helped to make 2018  a successful year. Looking forward to 2019!



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