January (re)solutions

Our January meeting was a spinning and weaving and knitting and chatting one, and these are great for problem solving.

Problems like this:


part of a Teeswater fleece which had been meticulously combed and spun into fairly good singles. Plying was the problem, and soon many members became involved in offering help and suggestions.

It was just uneven:


with some parts barely plied at all, and other parts pretty good. In the end – once it had been established that the wheel (a new one) should have been going in the opposite direction, and once a little bit of fleece had been put under the bobbins on the lazy kate to stop them running away with themselves – a much more consistent result was produced.


It’s all about the rhythm. It really is. Rhythm and counting.

This is a perfect illustration of why the ‘spinning days’, as they are generally known, are such a great idea. They might not be as exciting as a workshop on which you can learn all sorts of new things, but they are every bit as valuable.

The next meeting is on 25 February, and is all about knitting, led by one of our talented members. Check out the events page for more details, including what to bring along.



5 thoughts on “January (re)solutions

  1. Neil E Richardson

    Good Day,
    My name is Neil Richardson from Brisbane, Australia. I am writing on behalf of my 87 year old Mother Mrs Betty Richardson. She has lost contact with one of your members a Mrs Eirian Larsen. Mum stayed with this lady and her son some years ago whilst she was in Wales. Can you help with any information as to her wellbeing and contact details. Mrs Larsen failed to send a Christmas card to Mum this year and my Mum has lost contact details of Mrs Larsen’s son also.
    Thank you,
    Kind Regards,
    Neil Richardson
    Tuesday 9th Feb.2016

    1. llynguild Post author

      Hello again,

      My email to you keeps bouncing back. If you can let me have an alternative, I’ll ensure that it doesn’t appear on the site publicly…

    2. Ellen

      I am sorry to have to tell you that Eirian passed away on 1st April 2016, after a time of illness. She will be sadly missed by many.
      sent by a member of her family


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