Spinning and knitting and rug making and…

Our June meeting was one of our ‘not a workshop’ sessions, when we gather to do whatever we want and chat and ask advice and just plain get together with other woolly people. Even though these meetings are not officially workshops, they often turn into mini workshops, and you learn all sorts of things.

punis Like how to blend and make punis for spinning without an expensive blending board, but with a wooden knitting needle and an old tea towel instead (two different people, here, using two different sizes of knitting needle).

Then you can see roving transformed into knitting,

and the results of a workshop – our ‘perfect your crochet’ workshop resulted in this lovely detail on a handspun top:

crochet detail

The sheer variety of things people bring is interesting in itself. Here is some needle felting (a work in progress, a celtic mandala) and a rug (finished).

There are often several knitters, and again the variety is fascinating. Here’s some ribbing in progress, part of a lace shawl in handspun shetland wool, and some domino knitting:

and, of course, there are always spinners:

sheepThe sheep belonged to the spinner and was a Shetland called Didymus. Why Didymus, she’s not sure… what a lovely colour.

Next month sees our dyeing picnic – see the events page for what to bring along – and note that the August and September meetings have swapped subject. Our talented tutors for the September workshop had to move to August.


6 thoughts on “Spinning and knitting and rug making and…

  1. Anne. Betts

    How wonderful.the lovely blue grey fleece on the bobbin looked. I spin but be cause I am disabled cannot get to your meetings. One day phraps.The lovely items you have made are lovely. Has any one seen the glass spinning wheel on you tube,believe you me it is out of this world. All the best to you all and KEEP SPINNING A YARN, as the old saying goes.
    From Anne Betts.

  2. Anne Betts

    Dear spinners,weavers and all,

    What beautiful things you produce, I am a spinner more or less teach myself so to speak. I think you are all wonderful and lovely wheels,we all love spinning wheels don’t we? They are fascinating . I would love to attend your meetings but I am disabled, unable to drive on medical grounds,so am grounded so spinning keeps me occupied. Am collecting crochet hooks specially made for arthritic hands,so I am hoping to take up crochet soon have knitted some garments from spun wool. Anyway ladies all the best to you everyone, hope to meet up with you sometime

    From. Anne Betts


    1. llynguild Post author

      Best to you too – and good luck with the crochet hooks. There are some good ones out there now which can be really helpful, I believe.

  3. Anne Betts

    Dear spinners and weavers,

    The above wheel is in very good condition would like her to go to good home,so if someone could get in touch we could negotiate a price. Would love to hear from you,I did send you one message but don’t know whether you are receiving or not. If you are not getting my EMails I will get in touch with Christine.

    All the best to you all,

    From. Anne Betts


    1. llynguild Post author

      Hi Anne,

      I’ll email you privately. At the moment I don’t think we have anyone who’s looking for a wheel, but I’ll spread the word.


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