Belated crochet!

At the end of February we had a crochet workshop, led by one of our members who is a stunning crocheter:


See why she was asked? This great take on the classic afghan is tied together and modernised with the use of the black. Fantastic.

Unfortunately, illness prevented this appearing on the blog immediately afterwards  – the first rule of whooping cough is ‘stay at home’ – so this is something of a catch up, with the things from the workshop that some of our members brought in for our March meeting (the whooping having subsided).

There were several crochet virgins:

starting outand some who were able to push their skills on to another level:

Not a learner, then

By the end of the session everyone was able to produce at least one granny square, or – if they could already do that – something more ambitious. Here’s a montage of the day, and the work:

Our next meeting, on 23 April, is the inkle loom workshop with Fiona Nesbit. If you need to borrow a loom, please let us know. Fiona is bringing some spares, and we have a couple of Guild looms, but there may be heavy demand for these. First come, first served!


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