A good start to the year

It was a bright but cold day when we gathered for the first time to spin and natter and catch up on everything that had happened since our AGM in November, so working with wool in the warm was highly appropriate. And there were some lovely colours being spun up, too – just the thing to cheer up January:

yum1This is one of the Wingham’s merino / silk blends,

and this is another:

yum2(It’s rather overspun, but your blog writer can be critical in public because it’s her own, and she is still recovering from hand injuries. It’ll sort itself out in the plying. Hopefully. )

Much better spun was some lovely alpaca:

alpacawhich is part of a marathon project. So very, very soft…

Here are two different approaches to some pastels:


And of course we were observed by a variety of stuffed sheep:

sheep 2though tying this one down with a strip of woven braid does seem a little cruel – but then one of the other wheels has a small stuffed sheep hanging from it by its neck. Possibly best not to comment.

The ‘spinning and weaving’ sessions are great places for new spinners to come and get started, to ask questions, receive help,

helpingand get to grips with the almost-unbreakable mechanics of a spinning wheel – here one of the Guild’s very straightforward Ashford traddies.

It’s also a perfect place to learn why you should never throw away old tights:?!It’s not pretty, it leads to odd looks from non-spinning members of the public (but so does carrying a spinning wheel about), but it works.

The details of this year’s programme are now up on the Events and Meetings page (as well as on the sidebar). See you soon!



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