Nadolig Llawen, Happy Christmas!

We’ve had  another great year in the Llyn Guild, with some inspiring workshops and very useful spinning and weaving days, which are great for ironing out difficulties and sorting problems as well as learning to spin and perfecting technique. But for the meanwhile, until our first meeting of 2015 on Thursday 15 January,


spinners and sheep

These little figures, about 5cm high, are part of a traditional Provençal creche and are a bit incidental to us here in Wales, but only a bit. These creches not only have the usual Christmas figures – the kings, the shepherds, the Holy Family – but also include all the characters and workers of a nineteenth-century village in the deep Provençal countryside. There are postmen and musicians, blacksmiths and lavender sellers, fishermen and farmers. And there are – of course – spinners and knitters and sheep. Hooray!


2 thoughts on “Nadolig Llawen, Happy Christmas!

    1. llynguild Post author

      Hiya, sorry not to get back to you sooner. We don’t have any formal classes as such, but we’re really keen to help at any of our monthly meetings – the general spinning and weaving ones are the best. In fact, there’s one this coming Thursday, and – as far as we know, and circumstances permitting – there may be a couple of new spinners there.


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