Spin, knit, natter and drink tea

The monthly meeting in April was one of our ‘bring whatever you want to do and do it’ sessions, otherwise known as a spinning and weaving session.

sweet sheep

The fact that it was the Thursday before Easter and that many of our members were lambing / calving / kidding – not doing so themselves of course, but helping their sheep / cows / goats – meant that attendance wasn’t enormous. Nonetheless, there were plenty of people there. Spinning, knitting, rug making, chatting and – naturally – drinking tea.

One of the interesting things about these sessions is the incidental items people bring with them, like this handy carry-all on a spinning wheel, made out of a piece of felt from a workshop:


Another spinner was using some fluff dyed with a logwood exhaust and then some onion skins. The end result was a subtle grey-blue with hints of pale ochre, and spun up beautifully.


Our next session is a workshop on rag rugs. Details of what to bring can be found on the events page…


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