The annual round-up…

We’ve just had our AGM, which sounds as though it could be boring but which is actually anything but – we have a quick run-through of what needs to be discussed  and then we sit down to our lunch. Everyone brings a dish and we chatter away. We’re working on next year’s programme, but the first meeting is already set: Thursday 23 January (agh!), a spinning, weaving, knitting, whatever session.

One of the features of the AGM, though, is a brief run-through of what we’ve been up to during the year. It’s been a tough year for some of our members, but we have still managed to enjoy ourselves, support each other and spread the word. So, here are some galleries of what we’ve been up to, first internally (just click on a photo for a slideshow; return to the blog by clicking on the cross top left):

and then, of us strutting our stuff in public at several events – Open-Farm Sunday, Worldwide Spinning in Public Day which we spent at the National Slate Museum in Llanberis, and the All-Wales Event, where we were able to meet up with other wool addicts and show off our assorted, er,  stuff.

and just in case any of our members thought there was something missing:

Happy Christmas!



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