All-Wales Gathering…

We do have a busy time in September – October: there are normal guild meetings, a Sunday spin, the Worldwide Spinning in Public Day and, every other year, the All-Wales Guild Event in Llanidloes. This was an every other year.

The Welsh Guilds get together, and each guild puts up a display of its work. This necessitates a lot of hammering and finding ladders, but we’d rehearsed what went where, so constructing ours was quite straightforward.


Our display included a felted coat:


which seemed to be the largest felted garment there, as well as handwoven (and handspun, but of course) items like this rug, and a couple of delicate Shetland shawls:

rug and shawl

There were also some cute felted bootees – we love our bootees.


There is also a Guild challenge, for which our Guild created an autumnal Green Man (mentioned a couple of posts ago), but the displays from the individual guilds are really inspirational. Oh, and there are also various traders selling everything from fleeces to dyes, books to batts, wheels and all sorts of spinning and weaving kit. But none of us went anywhere near that (much).  There is a great raffle, a trading area where items are sold to raise money to support the event and, in the afternoon, a speaker.

This year’s talk was wonderful – from Jim Gaffney of Textile Traders on collecting along the silk route – well, in Uzbekistan, Khirgizstan and into western China. Not only was Jim a fascinating speaker, he also had a superb collection of slides and some marvellous examples for us to pass round and examine. And these were not just the classic ikats of Central Asia, but beautiful embroideries and marvellous Khirgiz felting.

It was a lovely day out with like-minded people, so here’s a montage of some of the work from other guilds which attracted our attention. Lighting wasn’t brilliant for photography, so many images we’d have liked to include didn’t come out well (and apologies if something isn’t assigned to the right guild). This is a taster – the next one is in a couple of years time, so start getting ready now. Just click on an image for a slideshow (and click on the cross, top left on most browsers, to come back to the blog when you’re done).


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