Tatting, tatting…

It’s one of those crafts you read about, maybe you see delicate little edgings on cotton guest towels in vintage shops or have inherited a tiny shuttle from someone and not realised what it was. Well, on Thursday we learned.

One of our talented members, Edna, led a tatting workshop. She turned up with all sorts of gorgeous threads,


workbooks and pattern books (some from the glory days of tatting – one she picked up, a reprint, was called ‘Modern Tatting’ and dated from 1915)


and a little clutch of shuttles:


And some interesting and inspiring – if a little daunting to those of us who’d never manipulated a tatting shuttle before – samples of her own meticulous work.

Edna’s actually a relatively recent tatter (is that a word?), having started some ten years ago. Tatting itself goes back to the early nineteenth century, but reached huge popularity in the early twentieth – hence Edna’s 1915 manual. It was used for things like collar and sleeve edgings, as a substitute for lace, and looking at the samples you can see why it made such a good sub:


Soon people were trying to control their hands, let alone the whirling shuttles,


and following patterns,

follow pattern

But gradually objects began to appear:


A very interesting day!


Don’t forget, the next time, 21 March, is Wingham Wools! This is an open meeting and everyone is very welcome indeed. Bring spinning wheels, spindles or just yourself – and prepare to have your mind blown by colour, fibre, techniques…


6 thoughts on “Tatting, tatting…

  1. Andrea Fruggiero

    There’s a Llyn in Pennsylvania and a Llyn off the coast of GB…. where are you located? Loved your story on Edna’s tatting presentation (and yes, tatters is a word we use). Thanks for sharing. When some day traveling to PA or GB, I might stop in to say hello. Andrea from Hawaii

    1. llynguild Post author

      Hello Andrea in Hawaii!!

      That’s almost as far away from us as you can get… We’re the UK Llyn, in north-west Wales, on the shores of the Irish Sea almost opposite Dublin. Well, almost opposite south of Dublin. And today it’s cold, with sleety showers and snow on the mountains. Hawaii sounds very appealing!

  2. Andrea Fruggiero

    Oh, and PS – your attempts are just fine. That butterfly wan’t done in one day by a beginner, was it?


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