What a busy year….

Well, we’ve had our AGM, got next year’s meetings sorted out (a summary is at the end) and stuffed our faces with the ‘everyone bring a dish’ lunch. So now we can get on with Christmas (agh) and maybe with seasonal weather – the temperature is dropping. Time, then, for a quick look at what we’ve been up to in 2012.

There were the usual ways of enjoying ourselves in good company,


both at the monthly meetings and at the Sunday get-togethers:


We had an excellent spinning-wheel surgery with Woodland Turnery in March, which saved at least one wheel from being transformed into firewood:

just do this

and April saw an expedition to an extremely cold Wonderwool Wales. The animals were much warmer than we were, but we consoled ourselves with lots of lovely wool.


In the summer we learned about split-ply braiding and many people perfected their skills or discovered ones they didn’t know they had,


and then came our traditional celebration, the wonderful summer dyeing picnic.

Some members brought along items they had created using all the little skeins produced over several picnics:


we use natural dyes, so they do tend to harmonise. Even if they start off extremely bright,


particularly like the turmeric-dyed yellow skeins here, they do calm down.

In September, some of us spun in public at Fron Goch Garden Centre:


and our last workshop of the year taught us about circular and semi-circular peg-loom weaving.

peg loom stuff

So what does the next year hold?

Well, the first meeting is a general one, on 24th January, and there are more of those throughout the year. In February, one of our members will be sharing her amazing tatting skills, and in May another will be helping us make gorgeous felt slippers – she brought some along to show us and immediately found herself roped into a workshop. In March Wingham Wools will be visiting us for a sampling day, open to all, and a huge amount of fun (start saving now). July will see the dyeing picnic (theme: dyes from wood) and in August Fiona Nisbett will be leading an advanced spinning workshop. We all really enjoyed her last one, on silk spinning, and were very keen to invite her to return. September is our annual show and tell, and Christmas decorations are scheduled for October. Full details will appear in the sidebar, ASAP.

In the meanwhile, keep spinning, weaving, dyeing, knitting, crocheting, tatting, peg-looming, split-ply braiding…


One final note: we sadly lost some members this year. In the memory of one of them, the Rita Walker Memorial Cup was presented to Eirian for the red-and-white scarf and hat she made from 100g of fibre, and another supplemental cup was awarded to Bet for producing something Rita would have particularly enjoyed (made from the same quantity of wool): a white dog.



2 thoughts on “What a busy year….

  1. Lynne Shepherd

    A big thank you Kate for keeping those of us who are absent at this time to be able to catch up with the guild happenings via the blog. THANK YOU
    I will not be with you all until May so I will miss Wingham Wool but will ask Letty to buy some georgous wool/alpacca as she loved seeing them at wonderwool wales, for me.
    Happy Xmas to you all



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