Rugs don’t have to be rectangular

Our October meeting was a workshop devoted to making circular rugs on a peg loom, given by Maureen Preen. We were all intrigued – peg-loom weaving is rectangular, right? Well, it turns out the answer is ‘it doesn’t have to be’.

Maureen arrived with a tantalising heap of mostly round and semi-circular objects,

as well as plenty of peg looms, weaving sticks, fibre – everything anyone who didn’t possess a loom (or who had forgotten their materials) could want. Quite a  few of us sneaked a preview…

and then she began by telling us about her way in to spinning – through wanting to use combings from her Samoyeds – and how she moved towards using weaving sticks and peg looms.

She showed a wide range of round rugs, like this

made from natural, unprocessed fleece,

and this – called ‘Revenge of the Sheep’:

It gets its name because the unbelievably soft, fluffy inner is made from spun Scotch collie combings, while the outer edges – penning the collie in – are more usual spun fleece. Quite  a few of us own sheepdogs, and will probably be looking at them in a slightly different light after this. So soft, so fluffy, and not a hint of its canine origins.

On the wall behind Maureen was a beautiful roundel, a great background to her talk.

And then we were off.

Peg looms appeared everywhere,

and were soon warped up.

Then, very quickly, weaving began:

in all sorts of interesting colours,

and it wasn’t all fibre – not by any means.

It turns out that the process of making a circular or semi-circular rug on a peg loom isn’t dissimilar to short-row shaping in knitting:

and rather like the effects you get from short-row shaping, it’s really satisfying.

But there was more – Maureen had brought some more conventionally shaped peg-loom weaving, but made with less conventional techniques, and they inspired some of us, too:

And then there was a really ‘left-field’ idea – using a four-tined fork as a substitute for weaving sticks and making delicate flowers:

It looks unlikely at first, and then you get…

this. Complete with stamens. There’s always something new to learn!

Our next meeting is the AGM. This might sound a bit dull but it really isn’t, especially as it’s the last meeting of the year and we have a bring-a-dish lunch, raffles, etc. So don’t forget: 29 November is the day.


6 thoughts on “Rugs don’t have to be rectangular

  1. Lynne Shephetrd

    Great day, interesting talk and workshop. just goes to show your never too old to learn new tricks!!!!!!!!


  2. Nicole

    I’m neither spinner nor weaver, just love the beautiful things you make with wool and would love to come by and learn something new. Is it ok to call in on your November meeting or better not as it is your AGM? Is it on the 29th? Diolch, Nicole.

    1. llynguild Post author

      Sorry Nicole – didn’t get this until after the AGM (the web team have been been beset by illness). Our first meeting of the new year is January 24th, which will probably come round horribly quickly, and you’d be really welcome!!

    1. llynguild Post author

      We’ve got them from all over the place, no one single retailer. Online is your best bet, but some of us have picked them up at fibre fairs and shows.


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