We do get out and about…

… and that’s before it’s even Worldwide Spinning in Public day!

Two of our members went to Oriel Plas Glyn Y Weddw at Llanbedrog on Saturday, braving the bank holiday traffic to push the spinning cause. Not hard when you’ve such beautiful things to use to make your point (and, yes, this shawl is knitted in handspun, as is everything else in this post):

They were demonstrating the whole process of fleece to fibre to finished garment, from shawls to beautifully domino-knitted waistcoats,

and a fabulous throw in lovely subdued colours (but then all the colours are lovely):

and many people were impressed that spinning isn’t just about wool. You can, after all, spin other fibres and hair as well as sheep fleece, and yet most non-spinners assume everything is sheep, when they think about it at all. (There can be some quite strange reactions when you tell them about other substances, like dog hair, for instance.)

Mind you, who needs anything else, sometimes, when you can produce something as light and delicate as this?

It’s no surprise that people were impressed!

And for more, come and see us at the fabulous Fron Goch Garden Centre on 15 September… and, at the risk of repeating ourselves, stop us buying too many cakes…


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