Summer spinning

Our August meeting is often – er – select. People do things like go away on holidays (the cheek of it), but we always have a good meeting anyway. And sometimes there are lovely things to take home,

like these bunches of lavender from a member who has an excess. (Check out the delicious fibre tying the bunches together, too.)

This year there seemed to be more of us than usual, and there were loads of spinning wheels.

These are just a few of the wheels that put in an appearance.

We had a new spinner who was being taught,

and who got the hang of it very quickly considering she’d never tried before – but her mother was a very accomplished spinner, so maybe heredity plays a part. She’s using her mother’s wheel, so it could be that the influence has lingered…

As usual people were doing things other than spinning, and there was plenty of evidence of the range of wooly crafts that people excel at. Here are a couple.

First, knitting (but of course).

This is a test for a top-down sweater, and it’s really working well. It fits perfectly (the best reason for knitting top-down you could wish for) and the colour is lovely – darker than this in reality. But that’s just for the test; the final colour will be different.

Then there was a lovely naturally coloured rug in progress,

with beautiful texture from the rather gorgeous yarn. Can’t wait to see what it looks like when it’s complete.

And then there were the spinners. It wasn’t just spinning, though. At one end of the process fibre was being prepared (this was so soft you could hardly feel it when you put your hand onto it, and you just had to put your hand on it),

and at the other end, plying was happening. These are normal bobbins:

But these are BOBBINS:

Beat those (purchased from Wonderwool Wales – ideal for roving).

One of the nicest things about our Guild is how friendly it is, and the craic is just as important as the spinning / weaving / dyeing / knitting / split-ply braiding / felting / rug-making / whatever is happening.

And this time we were treated to a visit from our very youngest member, though admittedly being two months old is a little early to be enrolled in a fibre guild. He was very good, but didn’t seem all that interested in spinning quite yet… plenty of time!

As part of World-Wide Spinning in Public Day, some of us we will be at Fron Goch Garden Centre near Caernarfon on Saturday 15 September, from 10.30. Do come and see what we’re up to (and stop us from buying too many plants / slices of cake)!


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