Split those plies (and the rest)

We had some sad news last week – two of our members had sadly died. Both were lovely people, highly talented and inspirational, and will be sorely missed. We send lots of good wishes to their families and friends.

And we will soon acquire a new member, who will undoubtedly be our youngest as he or she has already been co-opted into the Guild despite not having been born. Another of our members is due to have her first baby very soon. We all wish her the best. Lots of woolly good wishes all round, in fact.

Right… Our last two Guild meetings have been devoted to split-ply braiding,

from twisting the cords

to lining them up ready for braiding:

and finally, split-plying them together.

There were a range of different colour combinations on display, from soft pastels

to bright primaries:

And the variety of patterns and interesting, reversible colour effects you can achieve was immediately apparent.

As usual people were doing a variety of other things (some of us had missed out on the cord-making stage, so were simply looking on in fascination). One member, frustrated by a lack of success with a supported spindle bought at Wonderwool, had visited an ironmongers and has started manufacturing her own from bits and bobs. They really work and have a somewhat funky, steampunk appearance:

Yes, those are double-pointed needles used as the shafts, and the rest is a closely guarded secret… and here is what was produced:

Very effective.

The cutest, most gorgeous little felted slippers elicited much admiration (and quite a bit of fondling). You can see why:

By common consent, we are going to have a workshop on making these!

Our next meeting was to have been a workshop on making belts, but unfortunately this has had to be cancelled. Instead we are having a show and tell session, so do come and bring along anything at all you’d like to tell us about (but no actual sheep, ahem). We’ve also got our Sunday Spinners group this coming Sunday, 10th June, also in the Neuadd Goffa, Penygroes. Everyone welcome!


2 thoughts on “Split those plies (and the rest)

    1. llynguild Post author

      Do have a go – it’s really interesting (but I do think you probably need a cord maker, just to make the process less wearing on the hands). It’s very ancient; apparently split-ply braiding was used for camel trappings, etc…


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