We came, we saw, we Wonderwooled

I’m not sure that ‘wonderwool’ is a verb, but it’s most definitely an interesting and often inspirational day out. And a cooooold one this year. Brrr.

Our day started early, with the coach picking up the first keen woolly people in Caernarfon at 6.45 (!). We acquired more along the route and were soon zooming through Wales in comfort, punctuated by occasional cries of ‘are we there yet?’ A hiccup over parking saw us delivered almost straight to the entrance, and then we were in. Nice and early, so it was quiet – for about half an hour.

Wonderwool Wales isn’t just about wool, it’s about the sources of fibre, some of whom are present (love those alpacas), all sorts of equipment from dyes to drop spindles, and inspiration…

This is the House of Hemp’s stand – interesting fibre to work with (and a lot easier after washing, ahem). Gorgeous colours, and it has a lovely sheen and drape when knitted up.

And here is Sparkleduck’s, where some of our members gave in,

and got out their purses. But the most inspirational Wonderwool stalls aren’t just about knitting yarn.

They are very varied, with everything from lovely subtle felt

to scrumptious fluff,

and this was a stall where several of us succumbed to the softness of their blends. Mmmmm!

Twice a day, there’s the sheepwalk (a bit like a catwalk, only slightly different), where stallholders can show off their goodies. And it’s not universally female, either:

(This dashing gentleman, from The Thomas Shop, had a very nice spinning wheel on his stand that he was using. One of our members had a go on it and had to be removed by force.)

Sasha Kagan was there, wearing a lovely jacket:

And at the end the participants line up:

Such a variety of crafts and skills…

And then the coach was back, and our lovely driver had put the heating on in plenty of time. All we had to do was reclaim our bags and haul them away.

(The photographs in this post were mostly taken by the husband of one of our members – one of the only two men on our coach. We need more! Any male spinners, weavers or dyers out there who are brave enough?)


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