Spin-a-long-a Sunday

Unfortunately cameras weren’t able to be at our monthly Guild meeting  (work, pah!), where we were making cords for the May meeting in order to produce things like this:

but they did make our second Sunday Spin.

We had a lovely day, spinning and chatting,

checking out new knitting books, plotting what we were going to do at Wonderwool Wales, eating fudge (ahem) and admiring each other’s finished objects:

Such as this lovely handspun shawl, finished off with some fabric beads from a local craft fair, and a first – very successful but not, unfortunately, successfully photographed – attempt at a top-down cardigan.

But we had an exciting development: we have a new spinner. And she’s 9. And she’s good!

She’s next to her mad-keen mother here, so it’s probably not surprising that she caught the bug. The wheel she’s using was kindly donated by one of the other members for her first attempts, and she’s now moving on to hiring the Guild’s Ashford Traddy.

Her very first spinning was a mixture of merino – so slippy! – and some natural washed fleece.

(I wish my first attempts had looked like that, hrumph – ed.)

One of the best things about spinning is how generous and friendly spinners are, and by the end of the day, our newest member’s spinning basket, which looked like this early in the morning:

looked like this:

A finished skein, some more donated fleece, a full bobbin, some delicious blue merino/silk mix from another member. Not a bad day for anyone – especially when you consider that there was some work on the wheel as well – let alone somebody having their first spin. Congratulations!

Our next Sunday Spin is on 10 June, in the Memorial Hall, Penygroes, from 10am to 4pm. And despite the name, you don’t have to spin. Bring anything woolly – but not live sheep, please, ho ho, not even cute lambs – and come and join in.


2 thoughts on “Spin-a-long-a Sunday

  1. Lue Lues making spot

    I love your blog…it’s inspired me to start my own but not quite got the swing of it yet!! My nan was a member & we spent many happy days with the Llyn guild as a child and I must admit it has given me a strong bug for crafting! It has always been a lovely bunch of ladies who are just so much fun and have so much patience!! Cant wait to hear what else your doing. x

    1. llynguild Post author

      How good to hear from you (and how good to have more confirmation that crafting can be caught)!
      There’s so much experience and knowledge among the members, and coming to the Guild is always an inspiration. It sends us off in all sorts of directions – one person joined last year as a weaver and before long she was spinning too, then dyeing… where will it end?


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