Sunday spinners

We had our very first Spinning on Sunday session on February 12, despite horrible, horrible, horrible cold and miserable weather (and a rugby match, but let’s not start on that)…

We were in a smaller room than usual – we didn’t know how many people would make it, given the aforementioned weather/rugby combo – with cheerful bright yellow walls and an array of halogen heaters. Gradually people arrived, and by mid-morning there were plenty of wheels going and the room was beginning to warm up. So were we, helped by lots of tea.

Two of us were spinning natural washed fleece:

And another was spinning a coloured fleece, but in the raw:

(Look at that lovely piece of wood making up the flyer – it’s a home-made wheel.)

And now for the unnatural fleecers, as it were. The rest of the spinners were working with dyed rovings or fleece, and the range of colours was interesting. Among them were a lovely clear blue, in a merino/silk mix from Winghams:

(er, excuse the slight yellow cast imparted to the photos by the overall colour of the room) and a beautiful multi-coloured roving which was being spun for socks, dyed – and spun – by one of our members, Artis-Anne:

Anne was also responsible for this grey and yellow mix, and probably the least said about the spinning the better (it’s mine – ed):

The colours of a winter sky, perhaps?

And there were some lovely autumnal oranges and golds in merino, which were being made into a cocoon yarn with a fine blue-grey commercial thread (note the unintentional match with the protective sheet, too):

Of course, and as usual, it wasn’t exclusively spinning.

This weaving belongs to our youngest member (9):

and this to her mother:

who was also responsible for the knitting WIP (work in progress) of the day:

Snuggly mittens. Very appropriate!

Our next Sunday Spin (and weave, and knit and probably crochet too) is on 15 April, between 10 and 4, in Penygroes village hall. You don’t have to be a member of the Guild, and you don’t even – evidently – have to spin. Just come and have some wooly fun!


2 thoughts on “Sunday spinners

  1. Rachel Plaxton, Guild treasurer

    Yes, excellent account of a very enjoyable, sociable, spinning day… & we started filling the March 23rd Wonderwool coach with eager takers …23 / 34 seats spoken for , so I’m confident we will fill @ £12 each….money in by March 22nd,our Spinning wheel Surgery day with Woodland Turnery.


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