Spin, knit, weave – and the rest

Welcome back, everyone!

Our first meeting after the Christmas and New Year break was lovely – it was great to catch up with all our friends, natter away and work on anything.

So here’s a look at all the different things that were happening in the Neuadd Goffa. There was some spindle tuition,

and a gathering of Lendrums.

There was crochet and plenty of knitting,

with a bit of an accessories theme.

That’s some socks and a hat as works in progress, and now…

for some rather elegant fingerless gloves.

As usual there were plenty of wheels whirring away (not all Lendrums, honest) and some beautiful yarn being produced, including some art yarn – building on the workshop at the end of last year.

Some people had almost-finished objects with them, seizing the chance to finally sew in those ends in peace.

Peace? Hm – not so sure about that.

It’s a good idea to have this meeting as one without a speaker, as I’m not sure any speaker could really make themselves heard (and that would be just over the sound of the committee meeting). Nearly forgot – there were things to buy:

Appropriately enough for a Guild that was founded by a group of smallholders!

Oh, don’t miss the Sunday Spinners for more of the same. Come along to the Hall and bring whatever woolly craft you would like to do; the dates are in the sidebar. We know that weekday meetings are difficult for many of our members and hope they’ll be able to come along at the weekend – but come anyway, member or not, and see what we’re like!


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