Funky fibres

Our October meeting was another workshop, on spinning art yarns this time.

There were lots of wheels, lots of keen spinners and heaps of lovely yarns for inspiration – courtesy of ArtisAnne, who is a member of our Guild and who gave the workshop.

Anne is an independent dyer as well as a great spinner, and there was lots of fabulously coloured roving for us to play (ahem) work with.

We began by making thick and thin yarn – it’s strange how something which came so easily in the early days of spinning is now so comparatively difficult. Well, it was for a few of us. Others just flew:

We also began making contrasting cocoons, and it was here that the fantastic range of colours available came into their own.

As they did with core spinning, which next got us going – wonderful.

Anne then demonstrated creative colour blending on a drum carder, feeding colours directly onto the drum which was interesting – some of us had not tried that before, and it is useful to know that it’s the best way of drum carding with silk, as it can just go round and round the feeder roll.

You can also diz straight off the drum carder – again, many of us had not tried doing that either.

And there were many other things to play with. There were wild yarns with beads and ribbons to inspire us,

and above all there was wonderful, fabulous colour – and plenty of people doing interesting things with it, producing interesting mixtures and walking around grinning – colour therapy, perhaps? Spinning therapy? Whatever it was, the effects were noticeable!

Is it surprising, when you have things like this around you?


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