Fleece to throw (almost) !

Our Guild meet on a Thursday every month in the Memorial Hall in Penygroes. It’s a good centre for us, an ideal space and it’s welcoming. But it needs a new roof. As part of the fundraising effort, we decided to have a sponsored ‘fleece to throw’ event, and then raffle the resulting throw.

We decided on a design of nine knitted squares of the same design, each twelve inches square, separated by panels of six-inch crocheted squares in a variety of patterns. To save time and effort at the beginning, we decided to work with raw fleece.

A Lleyn fleece was obtained – of course. How could we have considered using anything else?

On the day, we had about eight spinners, all whirring away:

So that the knitters could get started, we stopped when our bobbins were about half full, and one of the spinners began plying while the others carried on.

Soon the needles were in action,

all working away on the same pattern:

Then some people started working on the crochet squares too.

We’ve still got work to do before we can post a picture of the finished throw – so not quite a one-day wonder (it’s the holiday season, and quite a few members couldn’t be there), but we did demolish the fleece and have already raised a respectable amount of money in sponsorship. Watch this space!


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