Plants to Dye For

May so far has felt more like March with lots of rain and cold winds but there must be something about our Guild meetings that brings out the sun as it was a glorious sunny day again.

Today we had a most interesting talk by Jo Davidson who runs a nursery along with Margaret Mason at Boduan called ‘Out of the Common Way’. What a great name for a nursery I thought and the plants that Jo brought along were great also.  


There  certainly were some more unusual plants and hybrids there which I ,and a few others had not seen before and an interesting discussion between members and Jo about growing plants , which plants were used for dyeing , what colours were used was had by all.

All this was a good teaser for our annual dyeing picnic which is held in July and one member brought forth a sample of wool which she got an amazing shade of orange from with Greater Celandine , which goes to prove one person’s weeds is another person’s treasure . So another plant will be added to try at the picnic I am sure and hopefully someone with a better memory than I will take a picture of it !!!

All in all a good day was had and I think we all learnt something and then best of all we could actually could buy plants as well 😉

So the sun sunny day was put to good use after I went home ……planting my new plant and deciding on which plants I have in the garden already that will end up in the dye pot .


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