Spinning, weaving, learning

Our monthly meeting on Thursday was very well attended, despite it being a gloriously sunny day, and in the middle of lambing. It was one of our general spinning and weaving days.

As usual, there were plenty of spinning wheels, including one where the spinner’s handknitted socks matched her wheel perfectly:

Quite a lot of spinning actually took place,

as well as a lot of chatting and knitting, some wool winding, and trying out new skills. There were a couple of Ashford knitter’s looms, and quite a few of the non-weavers had a go.

Another skill new to some of us was using a hand spindle:

and both the weaving and the spindling illustrate one of the huge advantages of the GWSD – sharing skills and benefiting from other members’ experience and knowledge. Everyone has different skills and abilities, and everyone is happy to share. But not everyone has a small sheep to hang from a spinning wheel:


2 thoughts on “Spinning, weaving, learning

  1. Anne

    It was a great meeting wasn’t it ? I so agree we all have so much to learn and share from one another ; thats what I love about the guild 🙂

  2. Kate

    I really enjoyed it too – and next time I must, must remember to wear socks that match my wheel too… I’ve set myself two tasks for this year – learn to spindle spin and learn to knit on dpns without getting ladders. I shall be relying on the Guild for help!


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