Scribble felting

On February 24, we had a workshop on scribble felting led by Jean, one of our members.

We’d brought essential equipment: old milk bottles, towels, beach mats, bubble wrap, lengths of pipe lagging – oh, and roving and lots of different yarns, some handspun, some commercial.

Work started by laying out yarn in rough circles and spirals:

Then layers of roving were added on top of the scribbled yarn, together with additions such as pieces of silk or ribbon. Work continued, and gradually work moved on to the stages of the felting process. Time to build up those arm muscles:

We stopped regularly to assess whether the pieces needed a little more elbow grease, or whether they had reached the right level of felting (an opportunity for a break, too)…

The different fibres which had been used gave rise to some interesting effects as they felted differently – and here the overall impression was one of a slight ruffle:

Everybody was pleased with their finished pieces,

and the variety was fascinating, from floaty, airy scarves to a firmer piece of fabric for incorporating into a garment.

A very successful day!


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